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Tropic Star Lodge

Fishing resort right in front of the fishing bank, few in the world!

The main point for world-class sport fishing tours

The Tropic Star Lodge is the main point for world-class sport fishing tours and tournaments in the Panamanian Pacific. Built as a private retreat in 1961 by Texas oil magnate Ray Smith and opened to the public four years later, the secluded resort has attracted fishing enthusiasts ever since, this jungle-surrounded lodge sports, world entertainment celebrities and travelers looking for a safe and comfortable place to explore the intense natural beauty of Darién. This “lodge” that defines itself more as a fishing club, captivates mainly fishermen, and boasts of more than 300 world records that have been set in this bay since its inception.

It is amazing that from the door of the room of the luxurious resort, Tropic Star Lodge, in Bahía Piñas, in just 20 minutes of navigation to the Piñas Reef, you can live the most fascinating fishing adventure possible, and after much struggle to catch and release a big merlin, hundreds of pounds.

This fishing resort supplies the best. Boats, sailors, captains, fishing rods, a comfortable pier and further up a resort with luxurious rooms, swimming pool and special gastronomy.

More to Discover at Tropic Star Lodge

Surprisingly, not everything revolves around fishing. In Bahía Piñas the Visitor also has more activities. The “lodge” has a pool with games, rental of marine “kayaks” and a small but cozy massage room. If what the visitor wants is a white sand beach, this natural paradise has one just 30 minutes walking between mountains, the perfect place to break the routine.

Another activity is “snorkeling” since the waters near the coast have coral reefs, ideal for observing many species of fish.

It also has a two-hour walking expedition that takes visitors to the Río Piña waterfall, or bird watching, including the gray hawk, the large green macaw, the white-tipped dove, the woodpecker and the hummingbird the most viewed spices.

Lodging options

Classic Room

2 Bedroom Villa

Villa Suite


Presidential Villa

Amenities at Tropic Star Lodge

Bayview Restaurant

Jungle Pool Dining

Marlin Bar