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Charter Flights

and Aircrafts

Private Charter Flights

Private charter flights to every place in Panama. Contact us to book your private flight to your preferred destination, on your schedule.

Our Aircrafts

Charter flights to Contadora Island or Colón are better experienced on the Piper PA-28

Piper Pa-28


Blue Skies Piper PA-28, commonly known as the Cherokee, is a renowned single-engine, low-wing aircraft that has become an iconic fixture in general aviation. With its timeless design and reliable performance, the PA-28 has served as a versatile platform for flight training, personal transportation, and recreational flying for decades. Its spacious cabin accommodates up to four occupants, making it an excellent choice for both pilots and passengers seeking comfort and convenience during their journeys. 

No matter if it’s a charter flight from Contadora Island to Colón or Changuinola to David this is one of the best options to book.

Charter flights to Santa Catalina, one of the best surfing beaches in the world

Cessna 172xp


The Cessna 172XP is a versatile and reliable single-engine aircraft that has gained a reputation as a beloved workhorse in the aviation industry. With its high-wing design and spacious cabin, the 172XP offers excellent visibility and comfort for both pilots and passengers. Blue Skies Cessna 172XP’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its exceptional stability, ease of handling, and proven track record for safety, making it a trusted choice for pilots worldwide.  It has room for 3 passengers and baggages making it a perfect option to carry passenger and surf boards to Santa Catalina or fishing equipment to Bahía Piñas.

Charter flights to david chiriquí  or private business trips are better if your go on a cessna 182

Cessna 182


Equipped with a powerful engine and a spacious cabin, the Cessna 182 offers a comfortable and reliable flying experience. Its versatility is further enhanced by its impressive range and payload capacity, allowing pilots to embark on long-distance journeys with ease. With a legacy spanning over six decades, the Cessna 182 continues to inspire pilots and enthusiasts alike with its timeless design and unwavering reputation for dependability.  Perfect to flights from Panama city to David, Chiriquí on time

Charter flights air Panama to Colón or Pedro González Island

Bell 206


The Bell 206 effortlessly combines speed, agility, and reliability, making it a formidable option for any charter flight.  A preferred option for our Aereal City Tours, Blue Skies Bell 206 rooms 4 passengers providing a comfortable flight and stability making it perfect for taking pictures of the city as the sun goes down.

It’s also a great option to travel to San Blas Islands or Colón

Charter flights air Panama to Colón or Pedro González Island

Bell 407


The Bell 407 is a high-speed maneuverable helicopter commonly used for rescue missions thanks to is spacious interior that holds up yo 6 passengers and it’s speed of 140knots.

This is a great option to fly over Panama city to get spectacular photos or to travel fast directly to Boquete, San Blas, Pearl Islands or Darién

the saratoga is the best Charter flights to pedasi or pixvae



The spacious cabin offers ample room for passengers and cargo allowing up to 5 passengers and baggages or even surf boards., making it an ideal choice for groups. Blue Skies Saratoga ensures precise control and instills confidence in pilots during every flight, whether it’s a long-distance voyage or a short trip. It’s a recommended aircraft for groups going to Playa Venao in Pedasi or Santa Catalina Beach for surf trips.

private flights air panama to contadora island or darién

Cessna 206


Blue Skies Cessna 206 is a versatile and reliable aircraft that has captured the hearts of pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.  Its powerful engine enables it to take off and land on short runways making it a perfect choice for charter flights to Contadora Island or Pedro González Island, and group trips allowing up to 5 passengers and cargo in its cabin.

private flights to san blas are enjoy the most on a piper seneca

Piper Seneca


A spacious cabin with ample seating and luxurious amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey for all travelers but specially for those who want the best experience. Blue Skies Piper Seneca is equipped with twin engines, this aircraft possesses an impressive range and excellent operational capabilities making it a great option for groups and long flights like David, Chiriquí or as far as Puerto Obaldía Whether for business or leisure, the Piper Seneca stands as a top-tier choice in the realm of charter aviation, catering to the discerning needs of those seeking an outstanding travel experience.

Charter flights to bocas del toro

Kodiak 100


Blue Skies Kodiak 100’s versatile capabilities and outstanding performance, it perfectly suits the region’s diverse landscape and varying weather conditions. Its rugged design allows it to operate on short and unprepared runways, making it ideal for reaching remote destinations in Panama’s where the secrets best kept are still hiding. Whether it’s exploring the lush rainforests in Jaqué, reaching secluded islands of Pearl Island or Contadora, or transporting up to 8 passengers to vibrant urban centers, the Kodiak 100 delivers exceptional performance and reliability for all charter flight needs in Panama.

Cessna Caravan is mostly used for charters flights to bahía piñas or bocas del toro

Cessna Caravan

10 PAX

Big groups? no problem! The Caravan offers a comfortable and luxurious travel experience for up to 10 passengers plus cargo. Its robust design and powerful engine enable it to access remote destinations with short and unpaved runways,  reaching, literally, every spot in the country. The Caravan’s reliable performance, combined with its excellent range and fuel efficiency, ensures a seamless and cost-effective charter flight experience. 

If you are traveling to Bocas del Toro or Piñas or any destination in large groups, this is an option.

King air is used mostly for charter flights to Bocas del Toro

King Air

10 PAX

Make room for The King Air aircraft.  This is an exceptional choice for charter flights in Panama.  Carrying 10 passengers, the King Air Panama is perfectly suited to meet the demands of air travel in the region with exceptionally ease on arriving Isla Colón or David. Its spacious cabin provides a comfortable and luxurious experience for passengers, while its exceptional range and efficiency enable seamless travel across Panama’s diverse landscapes. Whether it’s transporting business executives to remote destinations or offering scenic flights to tourists exploring the stunning Panamanian landscapes, the King Air’s exceptional capabilities make it an ideal choice for charter flights in the Republic of Panama.