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Los Santos

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Sunset in Playa Venao, Pedasi

Why Choose Us for Your Charter Flights to Pedasi?

​When looking for charter flights to Pedasi, you want a company that is reliable, has great customer service, and has experience flying to Pedasi. You want a company that will make your trip easy and stress-free. That’s why you should choose Blue Skies Panama for your charter flights to Pedasi.Our customer service is second to […]

Panamá Al Natural

About Panamá Al Natural Tours Panamá Al Natural is dedicated to generating emotionally rich experiences for travelers, through participatory tourism, preserving the authentic and natural of the different cultures of Panama. Panamá Al Natural has master the understanding and learning of the different rural areas of Panama to a higher level. They combine adventure and […]
sunset at Playa Venao, Pedasí, Los Santos, Panamá

Pedasí, Guararé and Playa Venao

In the enchanting Los Santos Province of the Republic of Panama, the towns of Pedasí and Guararé beckon travelers with their rich traditions, folklore, mouthwatering cuisine, vibrant music, thrilling surfing beaches, and picturesque hiking activities.