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A world-class surfing beach where many international competitions have been held. Come enjoy the beach and learn to surf while staying on local hostals

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Top 10 Panama Must-Visit Spots in 2024

Top 10 Panama Must-Visit Spots in 2024 As your favorite Travel Agency and Charter Flights provider in Panama, we are always seeking new adventures and authentic experiences to offer you, we understand the allure of undiscovered gems and the excitement of well-loved destinations. Panama this year, a country where vibrant urban hype and untouched natural […]
sunset at Playa Venao, Pedasí, Los Santos, Panamá

Pedasí, Guararé and Playa Venao

In the enchanting Los Santos Province of the Republic of Panama, the towns of Pedasí and Guararé beckon travelers with their rich traditions, folklore, mouthwatering cuisine, vibrant music, thrilling surfing beaches, and picturesque hiking activities.