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photo of tour Agrofoodie Route

Agrofoodie Route

Agro-foodie tour experience THE GREAT HARVEST OF PANAMA.
The biggest harvest season in our country! This is a 9-day trip throughout the country exploring different aspects of agriculture in Panama, where the visitor will be able to live the day-to-day experience of the activities of the farmer, learn in depth about various items of great importance such as coffee, watermelon, pineapple, cocoa, strawberries, among many others.
It is aimed at investors, chefs, foodies come to know our internationally recognized Panamanian products, such as the sweetest pineapple and watermelons in the world, the best quality Geisha coffee, the magic that surrounds our cocoa and the Ngöbe indigenous communities, between many more!
Some highlights of the route:

  • Come and try the sweet taste of pineapple and watermelon from Panama!
  • Visit a coffee farm and learn about the importance of Panama Geisha coffee. Discover its aroma and flavor in a tasting experience.
  • Learn how cocoa and the Ngöbe indigenous people have a special connection. Create your own chocolate bar!
  • Learn about tropical cattle breeds such as Red Angus, Simmenthal and Senepol
  • Learn about hydroponic horticulture and organic agriculture production
  • Taste the incomparable Ron Abuelo and learn about rum aging
  • Taste local Caribbean and Panamanian food


  • Ground transportation from Panama City Lodging in 4* hotels
  • All agricultural, cultural and food activities mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Gift motet for your crops.
  • specialized guide
  • personal accident insurance

Tour operated by:
Panama al Natural

Panama al Natural

Tours Panamá Al Natural is dedicated to generating emotionally rich experiences for travelers, through participatory tourism, preserving the authentic and natural of the different cultures of Panama. Panamá Al Natural has master the understanding and learning of the different rural areas of Panama to a higher level. They combine adventure and exploration, folklore and country activities, business and fun time in settings such as beaches with crystalline waters and green landscapes.